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buy exclusive t-shirts in nft format
These T-shirts are produced in a limited edition of 75 pieces. They will never be published again, this is the final edition.

All T-shirts are printed on a high quality Gildon base, model Heavy Cotton, with etched paints. The pattern is not washed off when machine washed, it can be ironed, it is breathable and not synthetic.

A specific T-shirt is attached to each token, with a specific pattern and a specific size; replacement of the T-shirt is not possible.

The token price includes delivery to the territory without any difficulties in shipment. When purchasing a token in the secondary market, check the status of the T-shirt submission.
We rate the rarity of each individual T-shirt according to the number of T-shirts with a given print and a given size in that print run.
There are 4 ranks of rarity in total:
Unique — 1 copies
Rare — 2−6 copies
Normal — 7−9 copies
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